VSE Coordinators

VSE Coordinators are the contact points for enquiries about the VSE program at home universities and course offering universities. You may wish to contact the VSE Coordinators for questions such as:

VSE Coordinator at your Home University

  • Eligibility of applying to the VSE academic courses on offer
  • Endorsement status of your application
  • Internal application procedures to be completed before applying to the VSE Central Office

VSE Coordinator at the Course Offering University

  • Details about the academic course that you wish to take
  • Approval status of your application
  • Registration and enrolment procedures after a successful application

For general enquiries about the VSE program, please contact the VSE Central Office at [email protected].

List of VSE Coordinators

Chulalongkorn University [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
Far Eastern Federal University [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
Fudan University [Inbound & Outound Enquiries]
Harbin Institute of Technology [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Keio University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Korea University [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
Kyushu University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Monash University[Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
Nagoya University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Nanjing University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Nanyang Technological University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Osaka University [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
POSTECH [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
Pusan National University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Shanghai Jiao Tong University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Sun Yat-sen University [Outbound Enquiries]
Tecnológico de Monterrey [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
The Australian National University [Outbound Enquiries]
The Chinese University of Hong Kong [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
The University of Auckland [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
The University of Hong Kong [Outbound Enquiries]
The University of Sydney [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
The University of Queensland [Outbound Enquiries]
Tohoku University [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
Tongji University [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
Tsinghua University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Universidad de Chile [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Universidad de los Andes [Outbound Enquiries]
Universidad San Francisco de Quito [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Universitas Indonesia[Inbound & Outbound Enquiries]
University of California, Santa Cruz [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
University of Oregon [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
University of the Philippines [Outbound Enquiries]
University of Science and Technology of China [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
UNSW Sydney [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Waseda University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]
Xi'an Jiaotong University [Outbound Enquiries]
Yonsei University [Inbound Enquiries] [Outbound Enquiries]
Zhejiang University [Inbound and Outbound Enquiries]