VSE Season 3, 2023-24

Explore and apply to a wide variety of online academic and language courses offered by APRU member universities across the Pacific Rim at VSE Season 3, 2023-24!

VSE Season 3, 2023-24 offers intensive, short-term courses from May to August 2024.

Be sure to go through all the details on this page before making an application. Courses on offer this Season are listed at the bottom of this page.

VSE Seasons & Virtual Language Center (VLC)

Each year, the VSE offers three distinct study periods known as SEASONS:

Season 1: offers regular-term courses with starting dates from July to December
Season 2: offers regular-term courses with starting dates from January to June
Season 3: offers intensive, short-term courses between May and August
VLC: offers training in a number of languages with course schedules falling into the above VSE Seasons.

Participating Universities

Every APRU member university could participate in a VSE Season by:

  • Offering courses to students from other VSE participating universities, and/or
  • Allowing its own students to take course from other VSE participating universities.

The following table lists the participating universities at VSE Season 3, 2023-24 and shows whether they would offer courses and/or allow its students to take courses. You can also find out if your home university has limited the time period for you apply for a course during the current Season.

Participating UniversityOffers CoursesHome Students can Apply for Courses
Chulalongkorn UniversityNMay 17, 2024
Korea UniversityY (Academic)Students from Korea University are not eligible to apply for courses at VSE Season 3, 2023-24
Kyushu UniversityNThroughout Season
Pusan National UniversityNThroughout Season
Sun Yat-sen UniversityNThroughout Season
The Chinese University of Hong KongNThroughout Season
The University of AdelaideNThroughout Season
The University of Hong KongNThroughout Season
The University of QueenslandNThroughout Season
Tsinghua UniversityY (VLC)Throughout Season
Universidad San Francisco de QuitoYThroughout Season
University of Chinese Academy of SciencesNThroughout Season
University of the PhilippinesNThroughout Season
Xi’an Jiaotong UniversityNThroughout Season


To apply for a VSE course, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You are an undergraduate student currently studying at an APRU member university.
  • Your home university is participating in the current VSE Season.
  • Your home university allows its students to take courses at the current VSE Season.

Your home university, course offering universities and specific courses may have additional academic and language proficiency requirements .

Application and Enrolment

Refer to the Application section for detailed instructions on how to apply for a VSE course.

You can take ONE/TWO academic courses and ONE/TWO language courses within a single VSE Season. To apply for a second academic/language course after submitting your first application, please submit another application through the VSE application system. We encourage you to save one of your two course quotas for a course that is offered later into the Season.

Course enrolment is subject to endorsement from your home university and approval from the course offering university.

Your home university may require you to go through an internal selection process before you can make an application through the VSE application system. For details, Please consult your home university’s VSE Coordinator.

Language Requirements

The majority of academic courses offered through the VSE are taught in English. However, some courses on offer are taught in other languages. The language of instruction of a course can be found on the course details page of each course offering university.

Some course offering universities require applicants to provide proof of language proficiency when they apply for a course. These requirements can be found on the course details page. Remember to upload the required proof when you make an application through the VSE application system. While some course offering universities do not specify language requirements, students are expected to be able to to understand and study the course materials in the course’s language of instruction.

Credits and Transcripts

Most courses offered through the VSE are credit bearing. Credits, if available, will be provided by the respective course offering university. If you are looking to take a VSE course and transfer the credits back to your home university, please make sure the following before you apply:

  1. The course is credit-bearing
  2. Your home university would approve the transfer of credits
  3. How credits would convert between the course offering university and your home university

Transcripts for credit-bearing courses will be sent to your home university and/or you directly. Certificates of participation or Pass/Fail Certificates are available for most non-credit bearing courses.


No additional fees are required to take VSE courses. Pay your regular tuition to your home university only. Any additional fees, if required, will be detailed under each course or program.


I am a postgraduate student. Can I apply to VSE courses?

You can apply to VSE courses if it is approved by your home university. However, the corresponding course offering university will have the final decision to approve applications from postgraduate students.

I have made an application but I need to submit additional documents. What should I do?

Please send your additional documents to [email protected] with your full name and application number in the subject line. DO NOT start another application to submit additional documents.

When can I expect to receive my application result?

Your application, if endorsed by your home university, will be reviewed by the corresponding course offering university. The time for course offering universities to review and approve your application varies, but you will be informed by the VSE Central Office of your application result (successful/not successful) before the first day of class of your selected course.

I have only taken one course in the current VSE Season. Can I take three courses in the next Season?

Untaken course quotas cannot be carried over to subsequent VSE Seasons.

I have applied to two courses in the current VSE Season, but one of the applications was not successful. Can I apply to another course?

You may apply to another VSE course within the same Season, if that course is still open for application and if doing so will not exceed the enrolment limit of two courses per Season.

My application to a VSE course has been approved but due to some certain reasons, I would like to withdraw. What will I have to do?

You may withdraw your VSE application before or after your application is approved. You must seek approval by writing to the APRU VSE Central Office and the VSE coordinator of the course-offering university if you have changes of your study plans and request to withdraw from the course.

I am informed that my application is unsuccessful. May I know the reason(s) why?

Your unsuccessful VSE application could be due to your application not being endorsed by your home university, or not being approved by the course offering university. The course offering university evaluates VSE applications based on its own criteria, which may include (but not limited to) the following:

1. Spaces available for VSE enrolment in the course
2. Academic attributes (e.g, year of studies, major, GPA) of the applicant
3. The applicant’s proficiency in the course’s language of instruction

List of Academic Courses
Season 3, 2023-24

(Click university name to access full course details)

The list below is sorted by application deadlines, and will be updated from time to time with new course offering universities and courses.

List of Language Courses @ VLC
Season 3, 2023-24

(Click university name to access full course details)

Tsinghua University

Beijing, China

Application Deadline: Apr 24, 2024
Classes Start From: May 13, 2024

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