Co-curricular Programs

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn, experience and exchange with peers from around the world by joining activities under the Virtual Student Exchange Co-curricular Program. Many one-off activities are offered by APRU member universities bringing students from across the network in 19 economies of the Pacific Rim.


Virtual cultural experience to stimulate students to gain in-depth understanding of cultures & embark on journeys.


Focus particularly in context of globalization. Communication, teamwork, etc.


Prepare for future industries, practise skills needed for future workplace.


Organized by students covering a range of activities that are usually organized on campus.

Recent & Upcoming Programs

International Exchange Events by Waseda University ICC
Sustainability is the Future: Be a Change Agent
Palace of Joseon, Korea University Museum Tour
Welcome to the Winter Owarai Live!
APRU Becoming a Global Learner Leadership Series
Keio Short-Term Japanese Studies Program (KJSP)

Past Program Highlights

Latitude Zero Talks: Explore Galápagos
APRU Becoming a Global Learner Leadership Series
Tohoku Global Campus Project: Meet New Friends at Tohoku University & around the World!
How to Prepare for Job Interviews in the Post-Pandemic World?
Nobel Laureate’s Special Lecture: Economical Profit of Establishing a Renewable Energy-based Society

Revisit the Experience

Korea University Student Life Revealed!
Value Design-through Design & Techne
Conversations about our World
CUHK Presents: Cook with Us in Hong Kong
Special Lecture on History of Korean Pop Music & K-Pop
Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Webinar