Application for VSE Academic Courses
Summer Semester 2021

Applications for academic courses at VSE Summer Semester 2021 are now closed.


1.Complete the Application Form before the application deadline of the university that you wish to take a course from:
  • Complete the “Personal Details” section.
  • Select the course you intend to enroll in from the drop-down menu in the “Course Selection” section.
  • Upload: (1) a copy (scanned/electronic) of your latest transcript (official/unofficial); and (2) proof of your language proficiency (if required by your selected course offering university). These documents will be shared with your home university's VSE Coordinator as well as your selected course offering university.
  • Review your application and click “Submit” to complete the application.
2.You will receive a confirmation email containing your application details and the link to download your transcript.
3.Forward the confirmation email to the APRU VSE Coordinator at your home university (see below) and ask for an endorsement for your application. Your APRU VSE Coordinator will notify the VSE Central Office if your application has been endorsed. Your application must be endorsed by your home university before it would be processed.
4.Your endorsed application will be reviewed by the VSE Central Office and the course offering university. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis and enrollment determined by a number of criteria (e.g. course quota, your major, etc.)
5.Once approved, you will be notified of the result through email from the VSE Central Office, and provided with further registration procedures by the course offering university.

Each student may enroll in one VSE academic course. Request for additional courses can be made to the VSE Central Office.

APRU VSE Coordinators

Chulalongkorn UniversityAcademic Exchange Coordinator (Inbound), Office of International Affairs and Global Network, [email protected] /
Academic Exchange Coordinator (Outbound), Office of International Affairs and Global Network, [email protected]
Far Eastern Federal UniversityGleb Vlasov, Head of Academic Exchange Division, Center for International Promotion, Tourism, and Protocol, International Relations Department, [email protected]
Fudan UniversityJieying (Mary) Lin, [email protected] (for enquiries about the VSE Summer Semester 2021)
Harbin Institute of TechnologyZoe Cai, [email protected] /
Qian Wang, [email protected] (for enquiries about the VSE Summer Semester 2021)
Keio UniversityInternational Exchange Services Group, [email protected]
Korea UniversitySeung Hyun Yang, [email protected] /
Alex Oh, [email protected] (for enquiries about the VSE Summer Semester 2021)
Monash UniversityTBA
Nagoya UniversityInternational Affairs Division, [email protected]
Nanjing UniversityWenjie Shen, [email protected]
Nanyang Technological UniversityGEM Trailblazer [email protected] (Inbound) /
GEM Explorer, [email protected] (Outbound)
Osaka UniversityInternational Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs, [email protected]
Shanghai Jiao Tong UniversityLina Tao, [email protected] (Inbound) /
Tianqi Zhou, [email protected] (Outbound and all Summer Semester Enquiries)
Tecnológico de MonterreyJesús González, [email protected] (Inbound) /
Tomy Valdivieso, [email protected] (Outbound)
The Australian National UniversityANU Global Programs, [email protected]
The Chinese University of Hong KongAlex Chau, [email protected]
The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyOffice of Global Learning, [email protected]
The University of Auckland360 International, [email protected]
The University of Hong KongInternational Affairs Office, [email protected] (Inbound) /
[email protected] (Outbound)
Tohoku UniversityTohoku University Student Exchange Division, [email protected]
Universidad de ChileStudent Mobility Program, International Relations Office, [email protected]
Universidad de los AndesCarolina Miralles, [email protected]
Universidad San Francisco de QuitoVeronica Castelo, [email protected]
Universitas IndonesiaAlyssa Ankadea, [email protected]
University of California, Los AngelesTBA
University of California, RiversideTBA
University of OregonJenn Kuan, [email protected]
University of the PhilippinesOffice of International Linkages[email protected]
University of Science and Technology of ChinaLu Jin, [email protected] (Inbound) /
Jane Wang, [email protected] (Outbound)
University of SydneySydney Abroad, [email protected]
UNSW SydneyUNSW Outbound Short Programs, [email protected]
Waseda UniversityInternational Office, [email protected]
Xi'an Jiaotong UniversityYiying Liu, [email protected]
Yonsei UniversityGyuri Jeong, [email protected]
Zhejiang UniversityJiayi Quan, [email protected]

For enquiries, please email the VSE Central Office at [email protected].

Application for VSE Co-curricular Programs

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn, experience and exchange with peers from around the world by joining activities under the Virtual Student Exchange Co-curricular Program. Many one-off activities are offered by APRU member universities bringing students from across the network in 18 economies of the Pacific Rim. Visit here for more information on upcoming programs!