Application for VSE Academic Courses
Season 2, 2021-22

Before Applying

Check out the Academics section to find out if you are eligible to participate in VSE Season 2, 2021-22:

  • Is your home university allowing you to take courses?
  • Are you applying within your home university’s designated application period (if applicable)?
  • Are you required to complete any internal application procedures at your home university before applying to us?
  • Have you fulfilled the requirements specified by your home university and your desired course offering university?


Application Procedures

Application for academic courses at VSE Season 2, 2021-2 is now closed.

1.Submit an application through the VSE Application System:
  • You can access the application system with most major browsers, except Internet Explorer.
  • Create an application account. You are strongly encouraged to register using your university email. You do not need to create another account if you have already created one for previous VSE Seasons.
  • Log in to your application account with your registered email and password.
  • Complete the “Personal Particulars” section.
  • Select one course from the list of courses available.
  • Select your desired class section. If all available options are listed under one single class, you will make your selection after your application has been approved by the course offering university.
  • Upload supporting documents for your application:
    • [REQUIRED] A copy (scanned/electronic) of your latest transcript (official/unofficial) IN ENGLISH from your home university. Your application will NOT be processed if the submitted transcript is not in English. Please contact the VSE Coordinator or the relevant office at your home university if you have difficulties acquiring a transcript in English.
    • [OPTIONAL] A copy (scanned/electronic) of your proof of language proficiency, if required by your selected course offering university.
  • Review the terms and conditions and click “Submit” to complete the application.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you containing your application details. You can also log in to the application system anytime to view your submitted application.
2.To avoid delays in processing your application, you should immediately forward the confirmation email to your home university’s outbound VSE Coordinator so that they are aware of your application.
3.Your application will be reviewed by your home university to decide if they would endorse your application. Your application must be endorsed by your home university before it would be sent to the corresponding course offering university.
4.Your application will be sent to the course offering university once it has been endorsed by your home university. The course offering university will review your application and decide if they would approve your application.
5.Once your application is approved, you will be notified of the result through email from the VSE Central Office, and provided with further registration procedures by the course offering university.


VSE Coordinators

VSE Coordinators are the contact points for enquiries about the VSE program at home universities and course offering universities. If you have any specific questions about your VSE academic courses, please contact the VSE Coordinators. For general enquiries about the VSE program, please contact the VSE Central Office at [email protected].


Application for VSE Co-curricular Programs

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn, experience and exchange with peers from around the world by joining activities under the Virtual Student Exchange Co-curricular Program. Many one-off activities are offered by APRU member universities bringing students from across the Pacific Rim. Registration at co-curricular programs are handled by the individual universities. Visit here for more information on upcoming programs and their registration links!