VSE Program Guide (For Partners)

Last updated on: April 26, 2021

VSE Seasons

Academic courses offered by participating universities would fall into “Seasons” as determined by the courses’ starting dates. There are three Seasons in one VSE academic year, which begins from September every year:

Season 1: for courses starting from September 1 to December 31
Season 2: for courses starting from January 1 to April 30
Season 3: for courses starting from May 1 to August 31

*VSE Season 1, 2021-22 will include all regular-term courses offered by participating universities over the second half of 2021.

Inbound Mobility (Offering Academic Courses)

Please note the following restrictions when considering your university’s course offerings:

  • Only undergraduate level courses should be offered.
  • Only courses that are available for enrolment on an exchange basis (no tuition fee required) should be offered.
  • Each university should offer no more than 10 academic courses and no more that 70 spaces (all courses combined) within a VSE Season.
  • Each academic course on offer should reserve at least 5 spaces for VSE students.
Please download the course information template in the link below, complete the required details, and return it to [email protected] as soon as your university’s course information is ready.


Once we have received the information, we will proceed to upload the information to this website.

We encourage your university to open your academic courses to students from all the universities participating in this semester. However, if your university needs to restrict enrolment to students from specific universities, please inform us at [email protected] as soon as possible so that we could implement the restrictions in our online application form.