APRU Virtual Student Exchange Earth Day Challenge
Featured Entry

Name: YUE Courtney
Country / Region: Hong Kong SAR
University: The Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Happy Earth Day 2022! Here, I would like to present my ongoing food collection project. Like many others, I’ve been on a journey that has completely transformed my lifestyle since November 2021. I became a flexitarian and gradually reduced my consumption of industrial meat. One of the celebratory moments that I want to share with everyone is a mosaic photo created from 50 images that I took of the food that I devoured during this period. I wanted to show everyone how a commitment can be made and how a commitment to the Earth can have such a lasting impact.

When I tell people about my new lifestyle, they usually assume it must be difficult for me. However, I believe that many other vegan friends would agree that it is actually happy to live this way, and that the happiness of not consuming animal products is far more rewarding than the fact that I ‘cannot’ eat meat. Simply by switching your perspective—in this case, a fusion cafe in Hong Kong that sells Impossible Burgers, which is made from plant-based meat.

These photos reflect not only the ‘luxury’ foods I ate, but also, down to the smallest detail, foods that have a low environmental impact, despite the fact that most people do not see it that way. This is a gentle reminder to myself that we try to adopt a certain lifestyle not only when we eat out or at home, but it is a kind of tenet that we impose on ourselves that we try to live this life sustainably without having to sacrifice our happiness. Everyone does things in their own way, but it is the commitment that counts.